About me

I have reached the ripe old age of 51 with two beautiful grown children (love them to pieces) and have recently moved upstate NY (not as “upstate” as my other half would like it to be ~ LOL). We have a beautiful house (because it’s ours), tucked in the lower corner of “Black Head Mountain”, a small part of the Catskill region.

I have a passion for the out doors, I love to hike, bike, camp and kayak.  My indoor pastimes take me to the kitchen, and into a beautiful craft room that was built just for me!

I have always had a love for feathered friends, maybe because my father was so into birds himself.  My dad raised pigeons and white doves.  I have had the pleasure of always being surrounded by animals … growing up with cats, dogs, gerbils, guinea pigs, iguana, parakeets and bunnies.

Three years ago I asked if we could have baby chickens, and my wonderful guy made it all happen!  He built me an amazing chicken coop and run, as I diligently read the books and surfed the most informative blogs and forums out there (thank you BackYardChickens, Fresh Eggs Daily, The Chicken Chick, and so many others), so that I could be as ready and prepared for what came next…

So I call them… my little eggheads and I hope you will share my journey with me 🙂