Pendulous crop rest ….

My Barred Rock Pebbles is taking a few days away from food …. She has pendulous crop and I believe it’s from having 2 crop surgeries (May I add, that were very successful).  Pebbles is a glutton for food, my biggest consumer of everything!   The first surgery was caused by an impacted crop filled with hay.  I had NO choice …. The second surgery was due to over indulging in bird seed from an out door feeder that she found!!!  Ugh 😆

As a result, the muscle that supports the crop gets weak.  More food at once weighs the crop down which slows the crop from moving food to gizzard (food will sit and ferment in crop).  A low, swinging (pendulous) crop can turn sour … And in Pebbles case happens a lot.

She seems to do fine with her “swinging crop …”  I have tried the “birdie bra” that the make for situations like this, but she didn’t cooperate in keeping it on.  I keep a close eye on her at all times, and that’s why she is sleeping alone tonight in my make shift “chicken hospital.”

I will withhold food for 24 hours and massage her crop through out the day.  This helps a great deal.  I will allow water only for the first day.  My vet has prescribed Nyastatin to aid in getting the crop better.  I will slowly introduce food (scramble egg or hard boiled egg first). No grains for a week.

Pebbles is 3 years old this month and with good care I hope she lives a very long life with no extreme complications.  She is remarkable ☺️ Not because she is mine… Because she lives for the moment, eats like she’s never been fed, and runs with a swinging crop and doesn’t complain (LOL 😄).  She such a good girl, and she knows how much I love her.