Will my little eggheads forgive me?

I must take a road trip to visit my mother in the near future.  I’m having a neighbor watch over the house, my cat Lucy and my chickens…

I’m so nervous and I know that I shouldn’t be.  I’m starting to make my notes for what I need done while I’m away!!!  As I start to think about it, I can feel the anxiety building …  I never realized how much I do for my girls!  I think besides having the chickens needs met while I’m gone, the worst for me is not permitting them to free range for almost 7 days!!!  They absolutely will get on each others nerves and feathers will be missing. My coop and run are like Fort Knox, but one never knows when there is complete silence around a house, what predators will be lurking.   I always lock my girls up at night, but I will have to leave the pop door open and that’s only to make it easier for my neighbors to take care of the birds (my Roo is too protective and I don’t want to have anyone frightened by him).   The chicken chores will have to be done at dusk… I guess next on the list is to invest in is a automatic door opener/closer…. Anyway, they will be stressed and I will be stressed worrying about them.  Until next time 🙂

One thought on “Will my little eggheads forgive me?

  1. I completely know how you feel! I always worry, too. We ordered a pop door that’s on a timer, and it’s been great. Also, you can tie a cabbage or head of lettuce up with a rope or find a “cage” for it. It gives the chickens something to do. Sometimes I’ll slice a cantaloupe in half, too. It keeps them busy. Have a good trip, and I’m sure your little eggheads will be fine! 🙂

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