My first Broody Hen

I can’t believe it!!!!  I checked on my girls about 5pm last night and noticed my Buff Orphington (CC) was acting very strangely.   I didn’t pay much attention to it and closed them up as usual for the night.  This morning I noticed all came out of the coop for their morning breakfast but CC (short for cupcake).  I opened the nest box door and noticed she was right where I left her last night.  I picked her up to find that she had NO feathers on her breast bone or belly!  Here we go!!!  Now my head is spinning ….

I don’t want baby chicks!  I don’t have the room in the run for them (my coop can fit 30, but not my run).  What do I do?!?!  Of course I know I can try and brake her of this “natural thing” that comes over her, but that’s too mean – she wants to be a mommy hen.  I took her out and put her down for some food and water.  She clucked the entire time under her breath.  I know sooner turn around, and she’s back in the coop sitting on another hens egg.  That’s it.. I feel horrible!  I started putting all the girls eggs one by one under her.  She is now sitting on 8 beautiful eggs.

My fiancé made me (without even asking) a maternity ward in the garage for her.  So this evening I will move her to a safe spot for the next month or so.  I wont lie… I’m very nervous about this decision and excited at the same time.  I have done all the reading today that I can to keep myself abreast of how and what to expect in the very near future.

My concerns:  Will she be a good mommy hen?  Will she leave the nest half way through the process (I will be getting a incubator as back up)?,  Will she look to destroy the newborns?  So much to think and worry about…

Pictures of set-up to follow in the morning. to be continued……