Day 11 …

I’m reading up on this “Broody Hen laying experience” everyday only to get more nervous about my hens health as the days go by…..  I try to compare my experience to those of others – most have wonderful outcomes even if their hen successfully hatches one egg (I would be thrilled as well), and some have hens that are so dedicated die on the nest from hunger.

My hens health….  CC does not come off nest unless I remove her.  She is not taking in any water and only eating small amounts of food which is getting less and less as the days go by.  I understand that hens metabolism slows down in order to hatch out these babies!   Even so I have chose to intervene; it’s hard to feed a chicken who does not want to eat – harder to make her drink.  I do the best I can.

I’m loving every minute of this, but would be lying if I said it’s not stressful!!!!  Today is day 11 with 10 or so days to go (July 6th can’t come quick enough for ME!).  I have a back up incubator if she decides to jump off the nest and not go back, or if I find her health has deteriorated too much.

My concerns now:  CC’s health first!  Projecting ahead …. How many will hatch (I haven’t candled yet – it’s something I should do in the next day or so), and the hen to roo ratio 😜


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