Fluffy Butts have arrived!!

She did it!!!  My Buff Orpington lowest in pecking order, the smallest Buff Orpington’s I have ever seen hatched out her babies…  I heard the pipping and peeping start on day 19 and 5 emerged on day 20. FIVE beautiful baby chicks two are golden and three black with white markings.

We started out with eight eggs under her… at about day 11, I had noticed a strange odor at the nest, when I lifted her I noticed that there was shavings stuck to her left foot.  An egg had broke…  I was very sad and nervous because I didn’t know if she had done it on purpose or it happened for another reason (I later in the same week figured out why). I looked over the nest to see if the eggs were covered with remnants of the broken egg, they didn’t look bad, and I removed what I could. The rest of the incubation period with CC sitting on 7 beautiful eggs went without a hitch!  Mind you, her and I did this stint together… I picked her up ever so carefully once a day so that she could relieve herself and encourage her to eat.

Day 18, I didn’t move her!  All my reading said she should be in lock down…  and so she sat and flattened herself low to the nest.

Day 19, I walk by her and she is clucking in very low tones… I thought I was disturbing her, but later find out she was feeling movement and speaking to her little ones from her belly to theirs.

Day 20, PEEPING!!!  All different sounds… some low, some very loud!  I started to talk to CC and all of a sudden this little golden baby chick came out from under CC and greeted me 🙂 I felt like a little kid in grade school ~ I was amazed, in awe, and very much in LOVE…  My worries were over and CC was SO proud of her accomplishments.

Day 21, I know I have two more eggs under her… All the eggs went under her the same day, Why is this taking this long?  I will admit that I didn’t candle the eggs like had planned at day 10 ~ I was nervous about moving them too much and having a mishap with one drop from my hands.  I got the courage to candle the two remaining eggs… 1 egg wasn’t fertile at all (not surprised, it’s not Franky’s favorite hen), and the 2nd egg had stopped growing at about day 11 (maybe the broken egg took up too much of it’s surface-smothering it ~ I didn’t catch it). The egg that broke half way through the process came from one of my hens that I had to pull into my chicken hospital for almost 7 days and put on an antibiotic for egg yolk peritonitis ~ it seems she is having some issues laying… I did notice that her eggs were a little on the thin shelled side (another story for another time).

I’m THRILLED and CC is a PROUD MOMMY HEN  Day 19 first baby chick

Day 3, first outing with Mom
Day 3, first outing with Mom

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