Giving away the Rooster(s)

I had the hard task of finding a good home for the two roosters that I couldn’t use in my small flock. They were just turning 3 months and I knew that I was running out of time before all hell would break out in my grow out pen with only two pullets in it.

I knew that it would be a challenge, mostly because some owners of chickens view roosters as expendable or for a better word “dinner.”  That is very understandable and acceptable.  I also know from experience that when you give away or sell anything and place a condition on it, it’s out of your control what happens after you walk away….with that being said; I knew I had to hit the grown running to find “good” home(s) for these two little ones…

My ideal situation for them was a new family starting out with chickens who could have a rooster (not all properties, or town ordinances allow roosters), wanted to breed, or for guarding an existing flock for free range purpose (I guess a dog or donkey could do the same ~ LOL).  I hit a lot of dead ends, but always found someone who would take them off my hands for chicken stock/soup or a meal (they were very honest with me).  For me, that was my very last resort!  My goal if I had NO choice was to ask if they could live long enough to enjoy a winter and full summer with the ladies 🙂

Then one day my phone rang with a dear friend telling me that she found someone who would take both roosters and that they would be on a horse farm with two small flocks of hens.  I was thrilled!!!!!!!  I made arrangements to drop off my birds, I bid farewell, kissed them on their heads, I told them to behave and have a wonderful life!

A week later I was able to see a picture of one of the roosters sitting in a young boys lap. I was so happy to see this little boy with a great big smile hugging my Franky’s off spring. Life goes on and I was able to be part of bringing a little joy to a young boy who will have these memories forever.

I found peace with it, and for someone who has never given away pets ~ that was HUGE for me 🙂  Have a wonderful day all…