My baby boy is getting so big!  Growing into a very handsome Rooster.  In this picture he is four months old and has just started to find his voice.

I had walked outside to retrieve something from the car and there it was…. This strange noise coming from the yard.  It’s Junior trying out his vocal chords!!!  I had a grin from ear to ear 😀  It’s almost a pathetic attempt to sound grown up, but I didn’t care.  It will only be a few more weeks and he will be perfect at it!

Junior hasn’t started to feed his ladies yet (it’s November), and is still very much part of the pecking order at this point.  I’m hoping that the switch will come soon, because he thinks he only has two hens (the ones he has grown up with), not realizing the other 13 that he’s staring at through the fence or free ranging all day with are part of his flock.