Hen Spa Treatment

Who would of ever thought that a chicken would like taking a bath… a good long soaking bath???  Well, they do 😉  I guess with “Spring Cleaning” in Spring, it should only be normal for me to give each of my girls a “Hen Spa Treatment.”  If I had more hours in a day and these spring temperatures would act more like Spring, I could get all my ladies done in one day!

So I take the task on….I made sure the water temp was just right (not too hot, but more then tepid).  I put white vinegar in the water with dawn soap and massaged her legs and vent area to get off all the yucky stuff.  Changed the water out and just added Epson salt to the water.  I moved the water up and over her entire body (avoiding the very top of her head and eyes),  I then noticed that at the base of her tail it looked very dirty… remembering that this is normal ~ I removed some, but not all the grime.  This area at the tail base is where an oil gland is located.

My baby girl was so relaxed from the warm water she fell asleep and didn’t have a care in the world (don’t leave unattended, there head could fall below water). She trusted me to handle her 🙂 another bonding moment.

I changed water out again for a good rinse and had a towel ready… she was like a bowl of jello.  She snuggled in my arms as I walked her up to the bathroom where I had a small space heater working, I shut us both in the bathroom (avoid a drafty area) and gently (she didn’t have her chicken legs) placed her on the floor.  She couldn’t walk if she wanted to… I helped her preen – LOL, it just seemed like the natural thing to do 🙂

When she was almost dry I put a diaper on her so that she could walk around the house. We are still using the wood burning stove, and the temperature in my house is 74 degrees. When she was really dry I moved her to the garage which is somewhat cooler before moving her back to the coop with outside temps at a steady 40 degrees during the day.

She loved it and it gave me a chance to check her out from top to bottom. As one chicken owner to another (if you have a small flock its much easier) we should all periodically check our chicks over to make sure nothing is amiss. We don’t have to give them the “Spa Treatment”, but a once over every month or so ~ certainly keeps us in the loop to whats going on with our hens.

Happy Spring Everyone !!!