A time out for junior…

The most sweetest teenage rooster you will meet.  He will eat out of your hands, follow you around the yard, come when he is called and he will let you pick him up….But when his girls are around, he turns into a hormone driven dog!  I mean Rooster 😉

Junior will be 1 years old in a few weeks.  I look into his eyes every day and see Frankie (his dad). His crow is almost the very same.  He’s not as tall or as heavy as his dad, and he has most of his fathers good qualities except for one… He torments the hens!!!!

He is out of control to the point he is stressing my girls into not laying on regular basis.  I feel so bad for them. The girls look at me like “Really? Do we have to have a Rooster?” He is on them continuously through out the day.  Of course he has 3 or 4 favorites, but not one is safe.  Great Rooster, he attends to their every need, looks to protector them, nice crow (compared to a lot of other roosters voices), and he is handsome to look at!!Junior April 2016

I don’t want to re-home him. I divided the coop and he has own section and the girls have theirs.  I let Junior out first thing in the mornings while the ladies fight over nesting boxes. I then switch them out and the girls get the yard to free range after 1 pm. In the past I have put saddles on my hens for over breeding.  This was more than over breeding. Junior is WAY out of control to almost stupid rough and I can’t take the stress anymore. Junior gets a Time out!

I’m dissapointed…Maybe he will calm down in 6 to 8 months (I’m hoping), but in the meantime, this is how it will have to be…. I do feel bad, he LOVES them, but I’m tired of seeing missing feathers from necks and heads and my girls running away from him instead of to him.

My hens are back to laying eggs every day and all is calm in my backyard world 🙂

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