He’s thriving … continued

A rough start this little boy had… because of careless and irresponsible people.  I don’t like to judge, but in this case I have to.  If I didn’t intervene, this baby goat would have been dead if not by me hitting with my car (because he was in the middle of the street at 10 pm in the pouring rain), he would have starved to death by parasite or succumb to white muscle disease.  So, this past summer goes on the books for interrupted sleep, baby bottles, and cuddle time. I never thought in a million years that I would become so attached to a goat, a baby Nubian goat!   I couldn’t be happier…Mr. Lucky is  doing well!!! His friend Slappy (a Nigerian cross), is a food monger and a little bit of a bully, but is just as cute in his own way.

Everything that we did this summer was for Mr. Lucky.  All our summer plans came to a halt. The boyz have their own barn now and a fenced in area they can call their own. The summer was spent bottle feeding, administering medicine and watching them grow.  We loved every minute of it and looked forward to baby goat antics and bleating calls. They bring smiles from ear to ear.

The weather is changing now, cooler nights and not so hot days… We have been told with males goats that they will need to be castrated by fall time (less risk of infection due to fly’s) so that they don’t stink so bad… So here we are … Fall is upon us and my baby boyz are maturing, thriving and growing horns.