In an ordinary day …

Life happens.  It doesn’t wait for you to catch your breath or complain about it.

I have been preoccupied with getting little projects done around the house since early spring.  I started off great with sowing my seeds early, preparing the gardens for planting.  I just about got all my plants in the ground by the 3rd week in May, and then received some bad news regarding my husband’s health….

As of today, the summer has officially seven weeks left.  I don’t know where the first half went (I do, but can’t wrap my head around it)!  Not only do people struggle when a curve ball has been thrown, but I noticed that so do our furry and feathered animals.

Animals, whether they are your pets or livestock, realize something is dissimilar.  They stress just the same.  They were all so happy to see us when we returned home!!!

My first week home full time and I’m just familiarizing myself with my house, animals and beautiful garden.  I’m grateful for so much; the garden is exploding with vegetables, my husband is on the mend and life is good again. I stopped to pick up one of my chickens, and I knew immediately that something was wrong…. She was light as a feather, crop was not emptying and I knew, I just knew that it was something I couldn’t fix…

Four nights and five days later, I had to say goodbye to one of my matriarch chickens. She was five plus years old.  She cost $3.00 at the local feed store.  At six months of age I almost lost her to swallowing a toxic primer that someone had dropped in the yard before I moved to the house.

The good vet who I refer to as “Doctor Do Little” saw how distraught I was and said “let me see what I can do.”  She called me on the phone and said I don’t know if she will make it, there was a lot of necrotic tissue everywhere in her gizzard, but she came out of surgery well, and I will start her on an antibiotic.

Home she came…  It was a $300.00 vet bill, but it gave me 5 more years to enjoy her… Beatrice, I will miss you xoxox

On to the next day!  May it be beautiful for you, may you be blessed and remember to breathe 🙂