The New Normal’s of life….

In seven months I have said goodbye to three of my chicken pets, and one sweet rescue cat (Lucy.) If I would have known something so awful could happen to my cat, she still be with me today (she died after coming out of anesthesia for having her teeth cleaned), she was only 9 years young.  The humans in the house have struggled more then any family should bare and now that we are into a new year, it seems that we are faced with additional challenges going forward.  My normal keeps evolving….

Normal today is the way are clothes hang off the body in a way they never did before.  It’s how heavy the air feels drawing into your our lungs first out of bed.  Or how we look at each New Month in good weeks or wasted weeks.

What I have learned (the hard way), is that we all at some point (hopefully sooner than later), need to eliminate the things that hold us back or tie the hands. Toxic people, toxic food, and utter nonsense are at the top of the list.  I have been striving to live life with peace in my heart and to be be full of gratitude always!  Be kind to my neighbors and strangers alike.  Find the joy in everything!!!!  I wake up with a full heart no matter what life throws me.  This is not a new concept by any means, but I’m finding it works if you apply removing anything that doesn’t serve you well.  It’s helpful, it brings clarity, and I can articulate my thoughts, and share feelings with no judgement.

Of course its hard, I shake my head every day on how cruel this world has become, and ask myself “why” everyday…. we all have a cross to bare and we are only responsible for doing our best (and sometimes that is a challenge and I try to handle it with grace), and if we can put our head on the pillow at night with no regret, then that’s a good day.  The rest of it, I let God do for me…

On the bright side; we have new life inside the house again, his name is Duke.  A Russian Blue rescue cat from a kill shelter in NYC.  We saved him and he in return has brought nothing but joy and “we” will spoil him rotten all the days of “his” life…   Duke 8 months Thank you for visiting, and allowing me to share ~ anna