Feathers, Feathers EVERYWHERE!!!

I can not believe the feathers, they are everywhere!!!

I do not know how my other chicken keeper friends are finding their feather issues, but mine are awful this fall!!!  I have never seen it so bad…  Not only are we having a bump crop of apples and acorns, but now feathers!!!  Could this mean that we are in for a rough winter ahead?  Not sure, but I will have to prepare myself and my ladies + one Roo (junior) very soon.

To leave or discard (if at all possible)?  My concern are the little mice that LOVE the environment the feathers + food provide….  I have already had to break up 4 very carefully placed piles of feathers forming above the chicken run.  I feel bad I have to disturb the little vermin’s new home, but I can not allow them to make homes where my chickens live, and that’s mostly for me…  Chickens would LOVE to fight over the mice ~ hahaha.  So, everyday I’m able to remove the feathers from the chicken run, but I’m finding it very difficult to get under the coop (my girls favorite spot).  I’m thinking that in a couple of weeks, I will take a leaf blower from the outside and blow them into the open part of the run to scoop them up. Or should I leave them for the winter time to keep the chickens feet warm ~ LOL

Another day with mylittleeggheads,